Corporate Social Responsibility

PACE SPEDITION had supported the FEES (Fund for Educating Eligible Students) program which is managed by the Rotary Cochin West Foundation at Kochi, India.

FEES is a community service project which is pioneered by the Rotary Club of Cochin West and was established to help parents of economically backward but academically brilliant students. The performance of these students is regularly monitored to ensure that they value the support given and are eligible for continued support till their academic education is over and they get settled with a good job.

Dear Warren Jacob, We hope you and your family are safe. In this global pandemic, all of us are going through a difficult time and yet you chose to support vulnerable families to cope with COVID-19. We are grateful for your generous donation that is helping families access essential items. We are supporting people across 14 states in India. Please find the attached updated file for COVID 19.

Your support helped us:

Thanks and Regards,

Supriya Nath, Senior Leadership Development Officer, Oxfam India, Bangalore-560084
As part of our CSR initiative, we have partnered with Oxfam India in December 2020 to help underprivileged children from India’s poorest states to go back to school. We strongly believe that every child has a right to education irrespective of their background and education will give them a fair and equal opportunity in achieving their dreams and, in building a stronger society and country.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Dear Warren Jacob,


For nearly 70 years, together, with your generous support we have been transforming the lives of millions across India. Your contribution adds immense value in our fight against inequality and for that we are very grateful.

Supporters like you have enabled us to carry out much needed interventions to fight discrimination and inequality. You can find out more about our work by visiting https://www.oxfamindia.org

Once again, thank you for your contribution. We look forward to your continuous support. If you have any queries, please email us at: [email protected] or call us on
+91 (011) 4653 8000.

Warm regards,
Amitabh Behar
CEO, Oxfam India