Go Green

Go Green

Go-Green – In the last 40 years, global consumption of paper has been increased by 400 percent. About 2.47 million trees are cut down every day to use by paper industries in the world which results in 4 billion trees or 35 percent of total trees are cut around globally.

We are conscious of reducing our carbon footprint and as a step towards this, our highly advanced ERP system enables us to work on files virtually and paperless.


We follow three golden rules in reducing our carbon footprint:

Turn off everything

Make sure to turn off all lights at the end of the day and keep the lights turned off in unused rooms.

Watch your paper usage

One of the easiest things everyone can do in an office for reducing waste is to keep an eye on paper. Print only if it is absolutely necessary, use the printer’s two-sided print feature and also start using the back of the one-sided paper as scrap paper.

Focus on employee education

We make sure everyone in the business is onboarded from the beginning. We include green initiatives programs at the office and instruct every employee to turn off computers and lights before leaving the office premises.